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Upholstery Cleaning London

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Our company understands that you have invested a lot of means and attention to choosing the right furniture to suit your home. We also know that a quality upholstered furniture demands quality maintenance. Just as your carpets your upholstery collects same huge amounts of dust and contaminants and get quickly worn off. It is vital to provide frequent care to your upholstered furniture to ensure its pleasant appearance and prolonged life, as well as the health safety of your family.

Why your Upholstery needs to be cleaned regularly?

Whether in your business premises or your living room, the upholstered furniture collects plenty of dirt and bacteria which results in their unpleasant appearance and quick worn out. Unlike carpets, upholstery reflects all the dirt that has accumulated over time, and it looks as dirty on the outside as it is on the inside, but even if the spots look invisible and your furniture seems clean that does not necessarily mean it is clean and germ-free. And what happens if your stain remover cannot find the last spot on your furniture? It may be time to invest in more than a cloth and spray.

  • Bad upholstery exterior may affect your business and the way your potential customers see you.
  • In your home, un maintained upholstered furniture affects the aesthetic look of your interior and affects your family's health.
  • Professional upholstery cleaning is sure to improve the air quality of the premises of your home and office. Making sure no dust, mould, mildew or bacteria is left within the fibres.

Our equipment and cleaners:

  • We employ only experienced and attentive cleaners with great attention to their job. All of our cleaning teams are Health and Safety trained and CRB checked.
  • We operate only with the best upholstery cleaning machinery available within the industry to ensure our impeccable results.
  • Our detergents are child- and pet- safe and cause no allergies.
  • Your furniture will be cleaned with professional steam operating machine which sprays chemical solution (accordant to your upholstery fabric) and sucks it back by using steamed water; washing and sanitizing your upholstery at once.

Choose us:

  • We will inspect the fabric of your upholstered furniture prior to the main steam cleaning process, and we will ensure the proper detergents and cleaning methods are used on your furniture.
  • By investing in an upholstery cleaning service, you have peace of mind and guarantee that our professional equipment will give your office and home the deepest and most complete cleaning possible.
  • We will make sure your rooms look fresher and brighter, and they are a safer and more pleasant place for your family and employees. High reduction of the airborne contaminants and bacteria.
  • The look of your business will be boosted, premises will be fresher and germ-free creating great first impression to potential customers. Employees will work in a safer environment with fewer risks for their health.

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