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Rug Cleaning London

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You love that rug of yours? So do we, which is why we have developed a specially tailored rug cleaning service to provide best rug quality boosting and maintenance. It makes less difference what kind of rug you have at home; we will clean and remove all stains and spots until it becomes as good as new. We offer the best rug stain removal service within London and complete treatment program for your precious area rug. We possess both know-how and state-of-the-art cleaning facilities to provide a deep level of cleaning.

Claeners and equipment:

  • Our rug cleaning operators are experienced and qualified; all of them have a criminal background check and are employed legally.
  • Our detergents and equipment are the latest within the industry and provide impeccable cleaning results at all times.
  • Your rugs will be professionally cleaned with great care to each and every fibre.

We offer the following rug cleaning services:

  • Wine and oil stain removal
  • Pet odour elimination
  • Colour restoration
  • Re-fringing
  • Grooming and fibre softness

Why choose us:

  • The quality and type of fibres will be examined thoroughly, and a suitable cleaning detergent will be applied to the spots and stains.
  • When investing in our rug cleaning session you invest in the better interior of your rooms and improved home environment.

Do not hesitate to call us and book our rug cleaning service and see for yourself! We will deliver colour-boosting rug cleaning service with care to each fibre!

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