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Domestic and Commercial Carpet Cleaning services:

Spotless carpet is the emblem of a well-maintained household and business. Being provided with professional carpet cleaning service is vital for the aesthetic appearance of your carpet as well as the health and safety of your family and employees. Carpet cleaning is a long-term investment in your health and the looks and lifespan of your carpet.

Why your carpet needs to be cleaned regularly?

Whether in a home or office, carpets quickly collect dirt, allergens and bacteria. They might not always be visible on the surface, but these contaminants can pollute the air you breathe every day. Even if a carpet appears clean, they may, in fact, be much dirtier and dangerous to the health of your home or office environment.

Think of your carpets as an air filters. When dirt, dust and airborne contaminants accumulate beneath the fibres of your carpet, it is sure that with time you will start to breathe in that buildup. Vacuum, mop and sprays may remove spills and stains, but they only clean on the surface, which is not enough to ensure the air you are breathing is as clean as possible. Conventional domestic carpet cleaning could never provide that thorough deep cleaning a carpet requires at least once every 8 months.

More about our cleaning operators and equipment:

We aim to hire only highly-trained cleaning operators with care and attention to their cleaning responsibilities. All of our operators have Health and Safety training and criminal check. Our equipment is the latest within the carpet cleaning industry. Our cleaning solutions are safe for children and pets and do not cause allergies. Your carpet will be steamed with a high quality steam-operated machine that sprays detergent suitable to your carpet fabric then sucks it back in a container with steamed water; the process washes and sanitizes your carpet at once.

Our extras:

We provide special formula pre-spray applied prior to the extraction process. That is advised in extreme cases when a carpet has not been cleaned in a long time and has collected excessive amounts of dirt and grease. We also offer after-extraction spraying that is applied lastly to ensure carpet's fibres are shield from any dirt and water-based spillages. Thanks to this spray you will be able to easily remove dirt and water-based stains from your carpet with just a slight mop or vacuum. *Extras are charged £10.00 per room

By investing in a service as our carpet cleaning, you can be sure that our professional cleaners and equipment will give your carpets thorough and complete cleaning result. Your home will be brighter and fresher; it will be a healthier place for you and your loved ones to live in. The airborne contaminants and bacteria will be highly reduced. The carpets within you business premises will boost the look of your company and create a great impression to potential customers. Your staff will work in a healthier environment with no risks of viruses spreading. Call us now to arrange the deepest appearance-boosting carpet cleaning service!

*For London areas !

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Carpet Cleaning for: Regular Price Discount price - 50% OFF
Single Bedroom £ 34.00 £ 17.00
Double Bedroom £ 40.00 £ 20.00
Lounge (12x12 feet) £ 50.00 £ 25.00
Through Lounge (28x12 feet) £ 90.00 £ 45.00
Dining room (12x12 feet) £ 40.00 £ 20.00
Bathroom/Toilet £ 12.00 £ 6.00
Hallway £30.00 £ 15.00
Stairs per step £ 2.00 £ 1.00
Office / Commercial £ 1.00 – £ 1.50 per sq./m.
Landing £ 12.00 £ 6.00
Hall, Stairs, Landing (Up to 14 steps) £ 58.00 £ 29.00
Rug depends on Size & Condition
2 Bedroom House £ 178.00 £ 89.00
3 Bedroom House £ 198.00 £ 99.00